Welcoming Diversity Train-the Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer is an intensive and interactive three-day course that teaches participants how to lead the highly effective and publicly-acclaimed Welcoming Diversity / Prejudice Reduction Workshop.

The NCBI train-the-trainer model offers these important qualities:

  • Participants meet often in small learning groups where they receive individual coaching and practice in leading major workshop components.
  • The combination of emotional healing work and practical skill training enables participants to learn quickly in a safe environment that values individual initiative.
  • NCBI’s seasoned training teams, representing a wide variety of backgrounds, coupled with the diversity of the participants in the seminar, provide a valuable resource that helps participants better understand their similarities and differences and learn valuable bridge-building skills.

Following the Train-the-Trainer, NCBI encourages participants to join a local NCBI resouce team — a city chapter or campus affiliate or to think about starting one. These teams of NCBI-trained leaders meet monthly to offer ongoing support, advanced training, and supervision.

Welcoming Diversity Train-the-Trainers take place throughout the year around the world. Contact us to arrange an on-site Train-the-Trainer.

To download a one-page description of the Welcoming Diversity / Prejudice Reduction
Train-the-Trainer in PDF format, click here.

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