Violence Prevention Workshop

The NCBI Violence Prevention Workshop is designed to increase the skills and motivation of participants to address violent or potentially violent situations in a non-violent and life-affirming way. Appropriate for all audiences, the program is particularly useful for youth and those in the school community.

The teachings of this program are infused with invaluable guiding principles: loving ourselves and others, being a witness and letting the world know we are watching, and doing something, even in the face of fear and doubt.

Through a guided set of experiential exercises, participants will learn skills to enable them to:

  • Identify ways to prevent violence,
  • Recognize the nature and root causes of violence,
  • Heal from the impact of violence,
  • Use non-violent intervention techniques when confronting violence,
  • Implement strategies for teambuilding and violence prevention, and
  • Take individual inititive for principled stands against violence.

As a result of the Violence Prevention Workshop, participants will experience a renewed sense of hope and gain a clearer picture of their individual significance in changing the world around them.

After completing the Violence Prevention Workshop, participants may choose to arrange for skilled and experienced NCBI leaders to conduct a Violence Prevention Train-the-Trainer for their organization or community.

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