Train-the Trainer Leadership Program for High Schools

The NCBI Two-Day Leadership Training for High Schools prepares staff and student teams to lead the Welcoming Diversity: Building a Caring School Environment Workshop or the Preventing School Violence Workshop. NCBI works with the school to identify critical issues related to inclusion and safety, including:

  • Targeting of minority students
  • Anti-gay bullying
  • Gang violence
  • Gender harassment
  • And other types of mistreatment and violence

Participants become a resource team for their school, developing programs and strategies to build a safer and more caring school learning environment. High school student leaders present the Welcoming Diversity Workshop and the Preventing School Violence Workshop in their schools, and may also be a resource to the middle and elementary schools in their districts. This two-day training has been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools and universities in the United States and Europe.

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