Schools K – 12

Building a Caring, Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment

Since 1984, NCBI has worked with elementary, middle and high schools throughout the world to create more inclusive, safe and welcoming learning environments. NCBI’s school programs in the United States and Europe have grown dramatically in the last few years in response to the following:

Teasing, bullying and harassment
Youth violence;
Prejudice and inter-group tensions.
NCBI offers to both public and private schools a systemic approach that builds a coalition of concerned teachers, staff, administrators, parents, community leaders and students to create a more caring and safe school environment for all.

NCBI can work with school districts to implement a K–12 approach. Key NCBI principles and skills from both the Welcoming Diversity and the School Violence Prevention models are integrated into the philosophy and policies of all schools K–12 within a district. NCBI works with each school district on an individual basis to create a district-wide team of staff, students, parent, and community leaders to set welcoming diversity and anti-violence goals for the district and implement NCBI Leadership Programs to meet those goals.

NCBI programs and services for the school community are as follows.

Welcoming Diversity: Building a Caring School Environment Workshop

NCBI Program for Elementary Schools

Preventing School Violence Workshop

Train-the Trainer Leadership Program for High Schools

Train-the-Trainer Leadership Program for Middle Schools

Adult Allies Against Prejudice in Schools

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