Controversial Issues Process

NCBI’s award-winning Controversial Issues Process trains leaders to deal constructively with tough conflicts, enabling them to move disputing parties toward future cooperation.

Participants learn the following set of skills:

  • accurately defining a controversy,
  • listening to and repeating back another side’s concerns,
  • asking questions that elicit the heartfelt concerns underlying another side’s position,
  • mapping out the concerns on each side of an issue, and
  • reframing the issue in a way that produces action points that all sides can support.

The skills taught in the NCBI Controversial Issue Process can be used by anyone in any conflict situation from simple misunderstanding to heated debate. The Process is effective because it enables participants to understand the factors underlying even the most intractable conflicts and to move beyond them.

Those completing the Controversial Issues Process could consider arranging for skilled and experienced NCBI trainers to conduct an on-site Controversial Issues Train-the-Trainer.

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