Welcoming Diversity Workshop

Workshops are typically presented in a one-day format. Other formats can be designed to meet your needs. The workshop is a highly participatory program which reduces the harmful effects of prejudice and mistreatment. The workshop experience will increase awareness and teach specific skills which empower individuals to be effective allies on behalf of other groups.

Controversial Issues Process
The Controversial Issues Process Workshop is an interactive program that teaches participants to become more effective in reducing tough inter-group tensions. Participants learn to locate the underlying issues in any conflict situation, and to use effective listening and communication skills for resolving conflicts. The skills that are taught in this workshop can be used by anyone in any situation that involves disagreement, conflict or basic misunderstandings.

Violence Prevention Workshop
NCBI has become a leader in developing school violence prevention projects in Switzerland, England, and the United States. Student led teams work with their peers to bridge differences within their schools, select school peacekeepers to resolve conflicts, and lead diversity training programs.

Welcoming Diversity Train-the-Trainer
The Train-the-Trainer Institute will teach participants all the steps required to lead the other workshop models, and to become active members of the Illinois chapter. These workshops are either three or five days. Participants learn how to heal the emotional and institutional impact of mistreatment and discrimination. Participants also have an opportunity to develop their own leadership skills and practice leading the workshop models. Three and five-day Institutes are held annually at the national office in Washington DC, and three-day Train-the-Trainer Workshops are held from time to time in the Chicagoland area.

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