“OUCH – that’s so cool – I’m going to take that to my house.”

“Great leaders who provided a comfortable atmosphere!”

“I liked the stories, Ups Downs and First Thoughts exercises.”

“Liked that it was interactive and the Up & Down exercise was awesome!”

Purdue University Student Activities


“These presenters were great!”

“This promoted reflection, compassion and called for change in a positive direction!”

“It was interesting, well done and obvious you know your material. Enjoyed the day. ”

“Great workshop! Really helped me think!”

“The group activities made the experience more beneficial.”

Willowbrook High School Staff

“Liked the empathy, humor and leadership skills of the facilitators.”

“GREAT! I’ve been to many diversity workshops. Didn’t expect anything new. Got some new stuff!!”

“Just about perfect!”

“Liked that this was group driven Vs. facilitator driven”

“Great ideas on how to deal with diversity without laying on guilt/shame”

Unitarian Universalist Church Public Workshop, Rockford, IL


“The ease with which we addressed certain very difficult topics was great!”

“This helped all of us see others point of view.”

“This got people talking in a more positive manner.”

“I liked the openness and the friendly and enthusiastic trainers.”

Simmons Middle School, Aurora, IL


“I’ve been to several diversity training sessions and this is by far and away the best”.

“It was comfortable, nonjudgmental and the facilitators were well prepared”.

“It was great! This is needed for younger people.”

Public Workshop, Chicago, IL


What these participants liked about the workshop:

“that everyone participates,”

“learning about cultures,”

“the shared experiences,”

“learning about the differences and similarities in our group,” “interactive activities,” and “the presenters.”

City of Chicago Department of Public Health


“It was excellent and challenging. So many new ideas, don’t know how I can improve anything.”

“I liked the style of presentation — challenging but not confrontational or negative”.

“Liked the upbeat, safe interaction and progression of risk taking!”

University of Missouri — Columbia


“I was impressed by the workshop and came out of it with a different sense of myself”

Evanston/Skokie School District #65

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