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NCBI International is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1984. NCBI has established not only city-based leadership teams but also organization-based leadership teams in high schools, colleges and universities, corporations, foundations, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, government and labor unions. Currently NCBI has 50 city-based leadership teams, 30 organization-based teams and 40 college-based teams.

The effectiveness of NCBI programs has been recognized in the national news media. The Washington Post published a front-page story on NCBI’s work. ABC World News featured NCBI as a “program that works”. USA Today listed NCBI as a key resource for schools and communities to stop violence. The National League of Cities has urged elected officials to enlist NCBI in creating proactive solutions to racial tensions. And, a recent feature on ABC News referred to NCBI as, “a diversity program that works.” NCBI has recently received a two year grant from the Department of Justice to bring together police and community leaders to work against racism in the community.

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