Our Mission
The National Coalition Building Institute is dedicated to ending the mistreatment of every group, whether it stems from nationality, race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, job or life circumstance. NCBI aims to develop a new kind of leader: one who initiates diversity programs, takes principled stands, can enter the heat of emotional group conflict and build bridges, and one who models being an ally for all groups. NCBI trains leaders in the skills of prejudice reduction, inter group conflict resolution, team building and coalition building.

NCBI – Illinois
Since its establishment in 1995, more than 13,000 people from the public, private and non-profit sectors have attended more than 325 NCBI-Illinois workshops. The NCBI-Illinois Team consists of over 50 advocates trained to conduct the award winning workshops. Our trainers are “peer leaders” representing a broad spectrum of people such as municipal employees, educators, community activists, social workers, law enforcement personnel and private sector employees. We can provide trainers that have the work experience that relates to almost every workshop group.  NCBI-Illinois is head quartered in Park Forest, Illinois in the “Chicago Southland.” Our chapter members come from the entire Chicagoland region and as far south as Bloomington and Normal in central Illinois.

NCBI-Illinois has worked with dozens of Chicago area municipalities. We have provided staff training in school systems from elementary to the higher education, and have worked with many police departments, religious communities and private sector clients. NCBI-Illinois provided bi-monthly workshops as part of Baird and Warner Real Estate’s new Realtor training. We have facilitated the establishment of teams of trainers in organizations such as the Village of Oak Park, the Walgreen Company, the Illinois Math & Science Academy, the City of Bloomington IL, the MARC Organization in Normal IL and Loyola University Chicago. We can help organizations of all types take advantage of their diversity, resolve conflicts, build community, and develop in-house leaders.

NCBI-Illinois has been recognized throughout the Chicago region for its role in delivering effective diversity training and conflict resolution. NCBI Illinois has been recognized by the Chicago Tribune, The Star Newspapers, Illinois Voter, The Naperville Sun and Wednesday Journal of Oak Park.

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